A New Beginning.

The last time I updated this blog I was in retail Hell. Not much has changed on the retail front,  but I am being paid a lot more, and I am much happier. Mid-January I found myself working three jobs. I was doing my Photography, I was working at Joann's and I was sign waiving.... Continue Reading →

One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Marissa has been working at Subway since she first graduated from high school in Illinois. She's always been very hard working, loyal, and customer oriented at work, and you would think this would get her far, however Marissa never even made it to manager. That's not to say that at the last place she worked,... Continue Reading →

I Photographed a Wedding!

(From left to right, Marissa Mingo, Angela Lua-Reyes, Rogelio Reyes, and Carolyn Mingo.) This November I had the honor of being the wedding photographer for a friend of Marissa's from when she first worked at Subway. Angela has been a really wonderful friend to us for years, so when she asked over a year ago... Continue Reading →

Freedom and Free Stuff

Unfortunately for Marissa, she was tasked with opening the sub shop this year on the 4th of July. Fortunately for Marissa, the nail salon next to her store was doing a little summer cleaning, and I got this text at 6AM from my wife telling me to get my ass over there. Mom and I... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace Nelda Sue.

My grandmother Nelda passed away this year on April 1st. Considering what a pain in our behind she was, and that her tomb stone literally says "She was a Handful.", she really couldn't have picked a better day, but I feel like she sped things up to make the joke. Her death happened both very... Continue Reading →

The Dachshunds 2017

Above is an image of all of our dogs, save for our new foster failure Freddy. Together with my mother, Marissa and I work for the northern division of the Southern California Dachshund Relief. My mother and I had five Dachshunds prior to joining the foster team, and through the rescue we got our dogs... Continue Reading →

Our First Professional Portraits

I am a photographer, and one thing that has been bothering since Marissa and I have been together as a couple was that if I was taking professional pictures, they would solely be of Marissa, as I could not take pictures of myself. This feeling was amplified when we got married and opted not to... Continue Reading →

Holding our Breath

Right now we are on the cusp of great change, or conversely, no change at all. It is a very trying time, as you can see the shimmers of the future so tantalizingly close, and you want to give in, indulge yourself and dream of how things will be if only things worked out. Giving... Continue Reading →

Trials and Tribulations

I (Carolyn) have been having a rough time of things lately. I have just recently had to leave my job from a mixture of an abusive work environment and health concerns. Way back in 2004 my mother and I were in a car accident. We were legally stopped and a teenager in her Daddy's brand... Continue Reading →

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